Who we are

Based in South Africa, Bluecap Group provides the exploration and mining industry with specialist structural and geological skills with a wealth of experience in a multitude of deposit types. We are continuously exploring innovative and cutting edge solutions for the minerals industry using 3D structural and geological modelling that assist in the interpretation of complex structural settings, target delineation, resource estimation and mine/geotechnical design.

Our Vision

We believe our approach to unlocking mineral deposits using structural techniques combined with advanced 3D structural and geological modelling greatly benefits the minerals exploration and mining industry. Using best practice solutions to provide more efficient and safer working environments in the fastest possible time.

Our Mission

At Bluecap Group, we are constantly exploring best practice solutions for 3D geological modelling. We help our clients visualise the underlying geology, thereby providing assistance in structural interpretation, exploration targeting, mine/geotechnical design and resource estimation. Our goal is to create a safer working environment by combining underlying practices and our understanding of structural geology with 3D structural and geological models to identify areas of concern, especially within open-cast mines. We also believe in knowledge transfer to our clients and their staff. This may involve – and is not limited to – structural data collection, digital field mapping techniques, 3D modelling training and the integration of all data types into a 3D modelling environment.

We are highly competent in 3D structural and geological modelling using industry leading software packages. We welcome any feedback and/or any requests for modifications that are required to meet our clients’ needs and standards. We believe 3D modelling is a collaborative effort between the client and ourselves and therefore value input from the client during all phases of the modelling process.

About the name

A Bluecap is a ghost that inhabits mines and appears as a small blue flame. If miners treat them with respect, the Bluecap leads them to rich deposits of minerals. Likewise, the Bluecap can also warn miners of cave-ins. These ghosts are hard workers and expected to be paid a working man’s wages never accepting any more or less than they were owed.

Some of our services

Geological and Geotechnical Mapping

Geological and Geotechnical Mapping

Mapping of geological and geotechincal features in open-pit or underground environments.

3D Geological and Geotechnical Modelling

3D Geological and Geotechnical Modelling

Creation of fully integrated 3D structural, geological and geotechnical models to suit the needs of all departments.

Spatial Data Management

Expert Spatial Data Management Services

Spatial data management is key to the success of your organisation. Make sure your data is ready to be used.

Geotechnical Analysis

Geotechnical Analysis and Report Reviews

Review of interpretative and factual geotechnical reports. Geotechnical analysis for mines.

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Bluecap geoscientists are highly competent in industry
leading 3D modelling and GIS packages.